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What is a Webinar and Why Do People Love Them?

What is a webinar? Google defines a webinar as “a seminar conducted over the Internet.” That may be the most boring definition I’ve ever heard. My grandma could come up with a better definition! “A thingy on the line where…

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Our SaaS Journey to $100k MRR

We were sitting in the middle of our open 2,500sq ft office with no employees; it was just my co-founder and I. We had big dreams. The hardly-used ping pong table sat behind us, somewhere near the never-used office kitchen….

Programming Interview Questions We Use as Non-Technical Founders

We made the mistake of starting out with a development agency based in Turkey, or so we thought that’s where they were located. We wasted a lot of money (6 figures) and, more importantly, we lost 3-4 months with absolutely…

Webinar Promotion Best Practices To Fill Your Next Event

You’ve set up your webinar, given it a title, uploaded your slides, set a date, and practiced your presentation in front of the mirror. You’re ready to rock the webinar! Just one last check to make sure everything is setup…

5 Actionable Articles for Improving Customer Loyalty and Reducing Churn

Churn is a pain in the SaaS (see what I did there?). Sometimes you just want to get rid of the “cancel account” button so no customer can ever leave you again. Churn might be a scary metric, but it…

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A shaky start? No doubt. Yet, three years later, we've got our eyes set on $100k MRR. We'll be sharing everything along the way.