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Increase Your Webinar Conversions With Marketing Automation From Drip

The Drip integration is our most powerful integration with Demio. Integrate your account in seconds with your Drip API key and unleash the ability to segment your audience based on their actions on Demio into Campaigns or Workflows in your Drip Accounts.

Drip Automation + Demio Automation = Higher Conversions

Once the Drip integration is added on our registration page, you’ll get access to the simple, but powerful Drip Automation Rules inside of Demio. These rules are always growing, but you’ll have the ability to segment attendees based on what they do in the webinar to add or remove tags, start workflows, add to campaigns, record events, and save elements to custom fields. We’ve removed any technical overwhelm in creating these integrations and made them point-and-click easy :)

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Control the Entire Process

Who said you should only convert customers during a webinar? With Drip’s Automated Workflows and email campaigns, you can control the entire marketing and sales process before and after the webinar to build the ultimate automated sales funnel, delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Pair this with Demio’s Like Live Replays to truly make your business an automated selling machine.

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Stop Guessing and Start Optimizing

Thanks to Drip’s best-in-class visual workflow builder, you’ll never need to wonder about what’s happening in your sales funnel. Not only is it incredibly simple to set up the workflows, it’s also easy to see exactly what’s happening. Use the Demio Automation rules to trigger automation campaigns, tag prospects, or start workflows!

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Know Your Numbers

Drip automatically tracks subscriber activity on your site/in your app, along with a number of key performance metrics for opt-in forms and campaigns. Leave the guessing behind and use Drip’s comprehensive data to track the things that matter in real time.

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