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As simple as you need it. As powerful as you want it.

Flexible Registration

Capture more leads with our customizable, high-converting registration options.

Individual Session or Series of Sessions

Schedule individual sessions, recurring sessions, or a series (group) of sessions.

Customizable Template

Customize your registration page from the logo, to the colors, to the images, videos, and text to remain consistent with your brand.

Add Your Logo

Automatically apply your logo and color scheme to any registration pages for a fully branded experience.

Additional Form Fields

Collect additional information through the registration form by adding optional or required text fields.

Custom "Thank You" Page Redirect

Use our standard thank you page, or set any custom URL as the post-registration thank you page.

Integrate With Your Marketing Stack

Easily tie Demio into your existing marketing stack with a few clicks. Use built-in rules to enable advanced automations based on contact behavior.

Registration Integration

Connect your email marketing platform to Demio in order to capture the names and emails of your new webinar registrants.

Behavioral Triggers

Set up Automation Rules that fire based on behavioral triggers from your registrants, such as “Does Not Attend,” “Joins Late,” “Leaves Early,” “Completes the Webinar,” and more.

Automatic Segmenting

Set up actions that fire through your email marketing platform when certain events are triggered on Demio. Add registrants as contacts to lists, apply tags, remove tags, and more.

Save Unique Join Links

Upon registration, you can have an Automation Rule fire that will save your registrant’s unique join link to a custom field within your email marketing platform.

Promote Your Event

Get More Attendees on Every Webinar.

Embed the Registration Form

Use our registration embed option to host a registration form on your own website, with landing page builders, or in your app.

Automatic Reminder Emails

Automatic confirmation & reminder emails to your registrants upon registration, 24 hours before, 1 hour before, and 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

1-Click Registration

Allow your existing contacts to 1-click register from an invitation email without entering any information.

Host it Live

Focus on delivering your content without the technical headache.

No-Delay Streaming

Demio streaming is 100% real-time. There is very minimal latency between you (the presenter) and your attendees.

High-Quality Picture

Share your screen, windows, webcams, presentations, or videos in high quality definition.

Flexible Screen Sharing

Select to share your entire computer screen or any individual application window you have open on your desktop.

Share Up To 3 Webcams

With Demio, you can have up to 3 active webcams enabled at any one time during the webinar.

Share Presentation Slides

Share your entire presentation within Demio and easily navigate through the slides.

Share Videos

Play videos right inside of the webinar room with full playback control.

Moderate Attendees

As an Admin, you can moderate your attendees at any time by removing an attendee, or by giving microphone/webcam permissions to any specific attendee you want to bring to the spotlight.

Increase Attendee Engagement

Higher interaction and conversion with real-time, interactive features.
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100% Real-Time

Communicate with your audience in real-time through the chat box inside the webinar room. Ask questions and get immediate feedback.

Private/Public Chat

With the private chat preference, only the event Admins will see the real-time messages. With public chat, Admins and Attendees will see all the messages.

@ Mentions

Send private replies or post public mentions in the chat. Tag other participants, so they're notified.

Emoji Gestures

Give your attendees more ways to interact with emoji gestures like clapping, raising hands, and more.

Launch Polls

Gather valuable information from your attendees by launching interactive polls with real-time stats.

Share Handouts

Share files or handouts with your attendees, so they can download them from the webinar room.


Get your attendees to take action by launching a call to action, which includes a headline, button, and image.

Put Your Events on Autopilot

Run automated, on-demand sessions running 24/7.

Live Simulation

Every aspect of your live event will be simulated in the Like Live Replay, including chat messages, Handouts, Resources, streaming, webcams, and more.

On-Demand Registration

Your simulated events will be shown as starting soon, so your audience can register, instantly join the room, and watch the event.

Reply to Chats

See and respond to new chat messages being received by your simulated events running 24/7.

Scale Your Results

Get the most out of every event.

Automatic, HD Recordings

Your events will automatically start recording in HD when you go live to your audience. The recordings will be available for you to download in .MP4 format.

Replay Pages

Once your recording is ready, an automatic replay page will be generated, so you can share it with your audience.

Minute-by-Minute Performance Graph

View the performance graph after your webinar to see peak interest times and low interest times when your attendees started dropping off.

Overall Stats

Quickly see how many registrants showed up to your event, how many attendees completed the webinar, and how many left early.

Chat Timeline

View the overall chat timeline from your webinar so you can see chat messages as they were received minute by minute.

Export CSV Report

Click one button to export all of your webinar reporting data into a simple, easy-to-read CSV report with even more specific attendee information.

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