Power and Simplicity, Together at Last

Schedule Your Event

You’ll be up and running with your first event in less than 30 seconds. Scheduling a webinar in Demio is simple and intuitive; you’ll never need a handbook, and you’ll never be distracted by a bunch of unnecessary settings.

Schedule Your Event

One-Time Events

Schedule your event for a specific date and time.

Recurring "Stay Registered" Series

Allow registrants to register once for multiple dates and times in a series and keep them registered when new dates are added.

Recurring "Choose Date" Series

Provide multiple dates and times as options that your registrants can select from through a drop down menu on the registration page.

Copy Settings

Save setup time by easily copying the settings of a past event on your account.

Initial Webinar Setup

Getting everything ready for your webinar is a breeze. You can keep things simple, or you can customize your event as much as you need.

Initial Webinar Setup

Public or Private Chat

With the private chat preference, only the event Coordinators will see the real-time messages. With public chat, Coordinators and Attendees will see all the messages.

Post-Webinar Redirect

Specify a redirect URL in the webinar setup process, and your attendees will be redirected as soon as the webinar ends.

Invite Coordinators

You can invite up to 15 Coordinators on each event. Coordinators have permission to enable their mic & webcam, become a presenter, view all chat messages, moderate all attendees, and more.

Upload Presentation Slides

Export your presentation slides as a PDF and upload them directly into your Materials section. You’ll be able to share your presentation without having to share your screen and without leaving the webinar room.

Add Inline Videos

Easily add any videos from YouTube as a webinar Material, and you’ll be able to play those videos directly in the room during the event.

Registration Options

Unrestricted, flexible registration options let you capture more registrations from anywhere on the web. Customize and brand our registration page template, or simply embed our registration forms on your own site or landing pages.

Registration Options

Branded Registration Page

Customize your registration page logo, colors, and text to remain consistent with your brand. .

Registration Embed Form

Use our registration embed option to host a registration form on your own websites, with landing page builders (Clickfunnels, Leadpages, OptimizePress, Thrive Themes, and more), or in your own member's areas.

Additional Form Fields

Collect additional information through the registration form by adding optional or required text fields.

1-Click Registration

Integrate with your CRM/Autoresponder to generate a 1-click registration link. When you email this link in a broadcast email, your contacts will be able to register for the event with one click by automatically pulling their contact info.

Custom "Thank You" Page

Use our standard thank you page, or set any custom URL as the post-registration thank you page.

Advanced Setup Options

Tap into some of the advanced Demio setup options to enable even more flexibility with tracking, integrations, language translation, and custom emails.

Advanced Setup Options

Add Tracking Codes

Insert tracking codes, analytic codes, or retargeting pixels into the registration pages, thank you pages, and even the webinar rooms.

Customize Demio Emails

Add any custom text to the confirmation or reminder emails that will be sent to your webinar registrants.

Registration Integration

Connect your CRM or Autoresponder software to Demio in order to capture the names and emails of your new webinar registrants.

Multi-Language Support

Change your language preference in settings to automatically translate your registration pages and reminder emails to English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, or Danish.

Powerful Marketing Automations

Unleash powerful marketing campaigns with behavioural-based triggers and actions to send the right message to the right segment of your audience at the right time.

Powerful Marketing Automations

Behavioral Triggers

Set up Automation Rules that fire based on behavioural triggers from your registrants, such as “Does Not Attend,” “Joins Late,” “Leaves Early,” “Completes the Webinar,” and more.

Automatic Segmenting

Set up actions that fire through your CRM/Autoresponder when certain events are triggered on Demio. Add registrants as contacts to lists, apply tags, remove tags, add to automations, and more based on their webinar behavior.

Send the Replay

Automatically send your webinar recording to any segment of your webinar registrants.

Save Unique Join Links

Upon registration, you can have an Automation Rule fire that will save your registrant’s unique join link to a custom field within your CRM.

The Pre-Webinar Experience

Continue preparing for your event by creating resources, uploading handouts, or practicing with your Coordinators. We’ll also send reminders to your registrants to increase your attendance rates.

The Pre-Webinar Experience

Automatic Reminders

Demio will automatically send confirmation and reminder emails to your registrants upon registration, 24 hours before, 1 hour before, and 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Coordinator Handout

Join the webinar room early before going On Air to chat with your Coordinators and get everything prepared for the live event.

Add Handouts

Upload any files or Handouts you want to share with your audience during the webinar.

Create Resources & CTA's

Easily create Resources or Call-To-Actions before your webinar starts so they’ll be ready to launch during the webinar.

The Live Event

This is where the magic happens. The most delightful webinar experience you’ve ever encountered.

The Live Event

No-Delay Streaming

Demio streaming is 100% real-time. There is very minimal latency between you (the presenter) and your attendees. This will allow you to get high engagement and real-time feedback.

High Quality Picture

Share your screen, webcams, presentations, or videos in high quality definition.

Real-Time Chat

Communicate with your audience in real-time through the chat box inside the webinar room. Ask questions and get immediate feedback.

3 Active Webcams

With Demio, you can have up to 3 active webcams enabled at any one time during the webinar. The webcams will be shown side by side, and all of them will be included in the recording.

Flexible Screen Sharing

Select to share your entire computer screen or any individual application window you have open on your desktop.

Pass Presenter Control

Easily pass presenter control to any Coordinator on your event in seconds with just a couple clicks.

Moderate Attendees

As a Coordinator, you can moderate your attendees at any time by removing an attendee, or by giving microphone/webcam permissions to any specific attendee you want to bring to the spotlight.

Automatic Recording

Never forget to record your webinars again! Your events will automatically start recording when you go live to your audience.

The Attendee Experience

A frictionless and distraction-free attendee experience, so your attendees can focus on what matters most.

The Attendee Experience

1-Click to Join

Your attendees can click their link and join right in the web browser, so there’s never any need to download bulky software.

Waiting Room

If your attendees join early, they’ll be directed to the waiting room with a timer counting down towards the scheduled start time.

Web Browser, iOS, and Android

Your attendees can join your Demio webinars from anywhere, whether they’re at home or on the go.

Distraction Free

We place a huge emphasis on simplicity within the webinar room to ensure your attendees are focused on your content and not the software.

Post-Webinar Reporting

Review your webinar performance and get actionable information that will help you improve your events.

Post-Webinar Reporting

Minute-by-Minute Performance Graph

View the performance graph after your webinar to see peak interest times and low interest times when your attendees started dropping off.

Overall Stats

Quickly see how many registrants showed up to your event, how many attendees completed the webinar, and how many left early.

Individual Attendee Engagement

View specific attendees from your event and see all the chat messages they sent during the webinar.

Chat Timeline

View the overall chat timeline from your webinar so you can see chat messages as they were received minute by minute.

Export CSV Report

Click one button to export all of your webinar reporting data into a simple, easy-to-read CSV report with even more specific attendee information.

Your Contacts

Whether you’re searching for individual contacts or unique segments from specific webinars, you have complete control with the Demio contacts section.

Your Contacts

Advanced Contact Searching

Search for any past registrant or attendee by name or by email. You can also search by past webinars to see all contacts from a specific event.

View Specific Segments

Apply a past or upcoming webinar as a search filter and view unique segments of contacts, such as “Did Not Attend,” “Attended,” “Left Early,” and “Completed the Webinar.”

Export Contacts

Once you find the specific segment of contacts you’re searching for, you can easily export a .CSV of the names and emails of those contacts.

Find Individual Contact Records

View individual contacts, the webinars they have attended, and any upcoming webinars they’re registered for. You can easily grab their unique join links or resend confirmation emails from this section.

Like Live Replays

An in-room replay that simulates the entire live experience of a past event. Instead of running one-time events over and over again, your webinars can now run forever, automatically. Generate great results from your events all day, every day.

Like Live Replays

One-Click Evergreen

Easily turn one of your past Demio events into an active Like Live Replay with one button click. A registration page will be generated, and you’ll be able to start sending traffic right away.

On-Demand Registration

The Like Live Replay is shown to be starting soon, so your audience can register, instantly join the room, and watch the event. Since the event is always running on-demand, you’ll never miss out on attendees, whether they’re joining at 3 a.m. or 7 p.m.

Live Simulation

Every aspect of your live event will be simulated in the Like Live Replay, including chat messages, Handouts, Resources, streaming, webcams, and more.

Detailed Analytics

View detailed performance graphs of your Like Live Replay to see engagement throughout the webinar. You can also see individual attendee engagement graphs to see how each viewer is interacting with the replay.

Reply to Chats

Your Like Live Replay will be running at all times and generating new chat messages from attendees; in the reporting section, you’ll be able to see and respond to these new chat messages being received.

Read more about the Like Live Replay experience on Demio.

Everything Else

The actual Demio platform itself is just the start. We provide our customers top notch support, education, and everything else you need to be successful.

Email Settings

Easily change your email settings for confirmation and reminder by adding a from name, from email, or custom signature.

API Access

Access your API key and API secret to use the Demio API. You can view our documentation here.

Billing Profile

Easily upgrade, downgrade, or change the billing information as you need on your account right from the settings area.

Account Sub-Users

Give team members their own Demio logins with unlimited or limited permissions, which you can specify. You can give or remove permissions such as creating new events, exporting contacts, running events, and more.

Full Knowledge Base

Every aspect and feature of Demio is broken down in an easy-to-follow help article inside our knowledge base.

Live Chat Support

Get help whenever you need it from the Demio support team. Our typical response time is less than 5 minutes, and the chat is built right into your account.

Q&A Webinars

We host regular Q&A webinars for our customers to demonstrate the best ways to use Demio for your business.